• David

    Thank you Geo Burke.
    This was one of the most educational, inspiring and truthful pieces ive read about the creature that is social media. Its a crazy little critter that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear “just for 1 minute” then 2 hours later you’re late for work and feeling like crap.
    Im going to follow your example by unfollowing negative, follow positive and put that critter on a leash.

  • Cyan

    This is so true! I used to live by Instagram and even Facebook, as soon as I would wake up I would be on it before even waking the kids up!
    It would put you in a right mood for the day just basically either reading lie after lie or seeing the most perfect (filtered) girl.
    I stopped this and couldn’t be happier 😂
    If I’m in self destruct mode then I surf haha.

  • Angie

    Love this Geo! Your experiences have given you much wisdom … and that’s the BEST sort of wisdom there is.

  • Kim

    Great read Gio.. it can definitely take over your life..

  • Kate

    Hey Geo,
    Loving your new career goals and aspirations and the truths behind the industry.
    You are an inspiration to young and old ladies. From the lovely shy kid at the local pony club and shows to an amazing model that remains true to your roots.
    Keep the posts coming.

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